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Klip Xtreme VisorVox (KMA-600)

Klip Xtreme VisorVox (KMA-600)

Klip Xtreme introduces the VisorVox, a mobile in-car speakerphone that allows you to enjoy hands-free conversations and control over your smartphone while staying focused on the road. Featuring a large 2-watt speaker for incredibly lifelike audio, it also streams music, GPS directions and podcasts automatically when not in a call. Extremely easy to use, this mobile speaker clips onto your vehicle’s sun visor and stays conveniently out of the way. It is so lightweight and compact, you can simply slip it into your pocket or bag once you get out of your car. This hands-free solution is great for the home, the office, the car, or whatever your next destination will be!




•Ability to connect to two device simultaneously

•Maximum Talk Time: 17 Hours 

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