Forza UPS Battery Backup (CL-750B)

Forza UPS Battery Backup (CL-750B)

The CL-750 series provides protection for your home and oce computer systems. It includes an automatic voltage regulation (AVR) system. The AVR system automatically corrects low and high voltage conditions, assuring that the current supplied to your equipment is stable and clean. The included Winpower software enables the user to manage and monitor the UPS from his/her computer through a USB connection (cable included). The CL-750 model has 10 output jacks: 5 with battery back-up, voltage regulation, and surge protection and the other 5 with only surge protection. The COLORS 750VA also protects your equipment against dangerous surges from network/telephone lines (RJ-45/11).




•Output Volt Amp Capacity- 750VA

•Output Watt Capacity (Watts)- 375W

•10 Outlets





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Sheraton Centre

Christ Church- 437-1777


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