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APC Smart-UPS C 1500VA LCD 120V (SMC1500)

APC Smart-UPS C 1500VA LCD 120V (SMC1500)

  • Instant backup battery power during an outage
  • Eight battery and surge protected outlets
  • Pure sine wave output while on battery
  • Protects electronic equipment from harmful power conditions
  • Power-saving green mode for high efficiency
  • Status at a glance LCD panel
  • PowerChute software provides safe shutdown



  • Backup Power Supply Lets You Keep Working through Outages

    Protect your entry-level servers, small switches, networking devices and point-of-sale equipment with the APC Smart-UPS SMC1500. This UPS provides backup battery power in the event of a power outage, monitoring and safeguarding your equipment from harmful power conditions, spikes and surges. An automatic green mode ensures you're operating at the highest level of efficiency, and intelligent battery management maximizes performance. With a 900-watt power capacity and eight battery and surge outlets, this Smart-UPS is ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses.

  • Protects Electronic Equipment from Power Disruptions

    Keep your electronic equipment protected through blackouts, brownouts, surges, and other power disturbances with APC Smart-UPS. It provides generous runtime while on battery so you can continue working during medium-length power outages.

    Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) adjusts high and low voltages to a safe level, ensuring your equipment has reliable power and preserving the life of the battery. The pure sine wave output while on battery provides the highest degree of compatibility for active PFC (power factor corrected) servers and sensitive electronics.

    Power-Saving Green Mode Operates at High Efficiency

    Operate efficiently with the Smart-UPS green mode, conserving energy when power quality is within optimal levels and power conditioning is not necessary. The UPS will enter and exit green mode automatically, ensuring you are always operating at the highest efficiency while saving power, reducing utility costs, and generating less heat. To help you monitor your energy usage, this UPS has an energy meter that provides actual kilowatt-hours of usage.

    Battery Management Features Ensure Optimal Performance

    The Smart-UPS runs a periodic battery self-test, so you can be sure to detect any batteries that need to be replaced. It also notifies you when a battery is disconnected and not available to provide backup power. To prolong battery life, the Smart-UPS regulates the charge voltage according to battery temperature.

  • LCD Display Lets You Easily Read Utility Status

    Easily check the Smart-UPS status on the bright LCD panel. Status indicators include load capacity, battery charge level, and estimated run time in minutes when the UPS is operating on battery power.

    PowerChute Software Provides Safe System Shutdown

    Designed for exceptional usability, PowerChute Business Edition software provides safe system shutdown in the event of an extended power outage while preventing potential data corruption. It's fast and easy to install, and you can tailor settings to meet your individual needs. Find cost savings by using PowerChute to monitor your equipment's energy consumption.


Technical Specifications


  • Output Power Capacity: 900 Watts / 1440 VA
  • Max Configurable Power: 900 Watts / 1440 VA
  • Nominal Ouput Voltage: 120V
  • Output Voltage Distortion: Less than 5% at full load
  • Outpout Frequency (sync to mains): 50/60Hz +/- 3Hz (auto sensing)
  • Topology: Line interactive
  • Waveform Type: Sine Wave
  • Output Connections: (8) NEMA 5-15R


  • Nominal Input Voltage: 120V
  • Input Frequency: 50/60Hz +/- 3Hz (auto sensing)
  • Input Connections: NEMA 5-15P
  • Cord Length: 1.83 meters
  • Input Voltage Range for Main Operations: 93 - 130V
  • Input Voltage Adjustable Range for Mains Operation: 85 - 136V

Batteries & Runtime

  • Battery Type: Maintenance-free sealed Lead-Acid battery with suspended electrolyte, leakproof
  • Typical Recharge Time1 : 3 hour(s)
  • RBC Quantity: 1

Communications & Management

  • Interface Port(s): USB
  • Control Panel: Multi-function LCD status and control console
  • Audible Alarm: Alarm when on battery, distinctive low battery alarm, configurable delays

Surge Protection & Filtering

  • Surge Energy Rating: 455 Joules
  • Filtering: Full time multi-pole noise filtering, 0.3% IEEE surge let-through, zero clamping response time, meets UL 1449


  • Maximum Height: 8.62 in
  • Maximum Width: 6.73 in
  • Maximum Depth: 17.28 in
  • Net Weight: 45.00 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 50.00 lbs
  • Shipping Height: 14.80 in
  • Shipping Width: 12.91 in
  • Shipping Depth: 23.43 in
  • Color: Black


  • Regulatory Approvals: CSA, ENERGY STAR (USA), NOM, UL 1778
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