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Vestax Typhoon Black DJ Midi Controller



Touch Sensor Jog Wheels

High resolution, touch-sensitive jog wheels enable the user to DJ like in analog mode when scratching or mixing.


Multi Channel Audio System with Built-In EQ and Effects

Typhoon comes with high quality sound for monitoring, master output, and a separate microphone input. Record and mix like a pro, using your home computer or laptop. Instantly adjust the EQ and add various sound effects to your loops with a touch.


Compact and Light

The Typhoon is completely travel friendly. Compact and lightweight, the entire system is easy to transport from gig to gig and is perfect for users on-the-go.


Vestax Virtual DJ Software Included

Virtual DJ is an audio/video mixing software developed by Atomix Productions Inc. It is used by Mobile/Club DJs and by millions of users in the world. The version bundled with Typhoon has been tailor made for intuitive mixing and looks just like the Typhoon itself.

This bundled version of Virtual DJ features Dual Players with pitch control, an internal mixer with gain and equalizer, instant BPM detection and automatic beat matching, smart loops, and more. You can even play music videos and karaoke.