Imexx 56 Piece Computer Tool Kit

Imexx 56 Piece Computer Tool Kit

•Solder Reel

•Solder Wick

•Mini FlashLight

•Pen Knife

•3-Claws Component Holder

•Reverse Action Tweezers


•Electronic Tape

•Electronic Voltage Tester

•5PCS Sockets: 3/16"- 1/4"- 5/16"-11-32"- 3/8"

•5PCS Sockets: 6-7-8-9-10mm

•6PCS Precision Screwdriver:

Slot: 1.4-2-2.4-3mm

Philips: PH0-PH1

•14PCS Bits Group:

4PCS Square: S0-S1-S2-S3

5PCS Atar: T8-T10-T15-T20- T25

2PCS Slot: 4-6mm

2PCs Philips: PH1-PH2

1 PC Adapter Bit for Socket

•Reversible Ratchet Handle

•Bit Holder 

•9PCS Hex Key

•Soldering Iron 

•IC Extractor 

•5" Wire Cutter 

•5" Long Nose Pilers

•4/1/2" Side Cutter

•Blow Mold Case




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