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Argom Tech Adjustable Cooling Pad (Up to 17")

Argom Tech Adjustable Cooling Pad (Up to 17")

Type easy and comfortably thanks to the 4 adjustable levels that allow you to improve your posture and angle view while protecting your notebook of an undesirable overheating. Enjoy the LED blue light for an additional touch of calm.


Built-in 2-ports USB 2.0 Hub provides one time connection for Computer Peripherals. 
Built-in large fan with large air flows help to dissipate heat away from the bottom of your laptop. 
5 Level adjustable screen heights, tilt for optimal viewing and ergonomic comfort. 
Metal Mesh surface black with 2 Anti Slops props with adjustable width settings. 
USB Cable to connect to your Notebook included. 
Compatible with Notebook up to 17". 
Fan Speed: 700 to 1400 RPM & Noise: 15 dBA. 
Fan Dimension (mm): 140 x 140 x 15.

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